All First Tee of Denver programs include The First Tee Life Skills Experience TM. Participants learn valuable lessons about the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, how to make decisions by thinking about the possible consequences, how to demonstrate sportsmanship whether they win or lose, and how to transfer The First Tee Nine Core Values such as responsibility, honesty, integrity, respect and confidence from the golf course to everyday life. The goal for each program is to have purpose-driven programming for every interaction. TFTD strives for a high level of retention so that the staff can grow with the participants and ultimately see them through college. 


All in-school and after-school programs pique students interests and engage them physically and academically. 


The Read ‘N’ Swing Program is a simple concept that gets results. Students are invited to the main clubhouse at the golf course where they read with staff and volunteers. The instructor to student ratio is no more than 2:1 for this program. After quality reading time and good behavior, they are rewarded by participating in a golf activity. They may play on the junior course, have a small tournament, or practice with professionals.  Literacy is important to overall academic achievement. With good reading skills come higher graduation rates and better opportunities to assume a meaningful role in society. By combining reading with fun activities, students begin to look forward to it. By encouraging reading outside of a traditional classroom setting, students begin to associate academics with life outside of school.


The First Tee professionals work with the kids to build their own personalized golf clubs. When the sparks fly as a club shaft is being cut, excitement is in the air and the students forget that they are learning essential math skills. Building clubs gives the kids a precise pattern where they can graph expected ball flight distances associated with club head weight and loft. Furthermore, the children take measurements for the proper length to custom fit the club to their own height. Club making gives the kids a sense of ownership for something they have created and something new, not another hand-me-down. The curriculum emphasizes math, reading and science skills while the kids find appreciation of and motivation to learn a new sport.


The most practical venue to bring golf to students is through their normal P.E. classes. TFTD brings its staff and its unique curriculum into the classroom to help P.E. teachers safely introduce a new sport. The program includes many creative ways to teach fundamental golf skills and demonstrate the concepts of playing golf on school playgrounds and in tight gymnasium spaces. Each lesson also includes a life skill such as being honest, setting goals, or having confidence integrated into the activity.


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